Miguel Canseco

Sophomore Albertville, AL

Albertville, AL




Best class you have taken at UAB?
Public Speaking with Professor Billings
Favorite UAB memory?
One of my favorites UAB memories would have to be at my first Trailblazers retreat. There were about 15 of us who were hanging in one of the cabins. We had received a message that someone had stumbled upon a scorpion. So some of the guys went to go find it and before letting it safely go, we decided to pretend to drop it in mid-center in our living room. We had some screams and people jumping onto the couches, tables etc. It was one of the best laughs I had and I am excited for the next retreat.
What does UAB mean to you?
UAB is a second home to me. A main reason on why I continue to stay here is because of the warm hearted environment. There is a place for everyone and an opportunity to help find yourself as well. I really do not see myself anywhere, but here at UAB, I have found my calling here.

I’m interested in
Green and Gold Fund
I’m passionate about
Traveling, eating wings, and working out
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