You’re just a few steps away from coming back as a Blazer.

Complete this checklist, created especially for those seeking a second degree, to help prepare you for your first day.

Step 1. Activate your BlazerID

You’ll need a BlazerID to make a reservation for orientation, register for classes, and do many other important things. Use your student number (found in your admission decision email) to set up your BlazerID and password. But choose carefully: Your BlazerID is permanent and will be part of your email address—and will stay that way even if you become a UAB employee one day.

The BlazerID and password take one hour to activate once you create them.

Create Your BlazerID

Step 2. Explore BlazerNET

BlazerNET is the official portal to the UAB community and the most reliable source of information for UAB students. It’s convenient, secure, and provides easy access to your UAB email, class schedule, financial aid status, transfer credits, Graduation Planning System (GPS), important announcements and more. Use your BlazerID and password to login.

Step 3. Submit Your Immunizations

Enrolling students must show proof of the required immunizations with either an official certificate of immunization, a photocopy of an immunization certificate, or written documentation from their physician. If you were previously enrolled at UAB some of your immunizations may be on file.

Before you get any new vaccinations, log in to the UAB Patient Portal and check your immunization requirements. Immunization records for Alabama residents that are already on file with the state registry are added automatically. If you’re an Alabama resident with questions about immunizations, contact a medical clearance associate through the Patient Portal.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Submission Deadlines

Log in to the UAB Patient Portal

Step 4. Submit Health Insurance

If are registering for nine semester hours or more, then you must show proof of health insurance coverage. Don’t have private coverage? Then you’ll be enrolled automatically in UAB’s Student Health Insurance Plan. The premium will be added to your student account unless you submit a waiver indicating proof of personal insurance coverage.

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Find current waiver deadlines

Step 5. Register for Classes

Log in to BlazerNET using your BlazerID and password, and then click “Registration.” You may register for classes once degree seeking students have had an opportunity to register. Your registration time falls within the three-week period prior to the first day of class.

Register for classes

Registration Dates

Step 6. Submit Your ONE Card Photo

The ONE Card is your official UAB ID–and your free pass to UAB athletic events, recreational activities, and libraries. Upload your own photo. (Photos must meet certain criteria and must be approved by UAB staff.) You must bring a government-issued photo ID to pick up your ONE Card.

Submit Your Photo

Step 7. Obtain Your Parking Pass

On-campus students only: Create an account at the link below to get your parking pass. If you’re a new student, allow two business days after registration before purchasing your permit. The parking pass is not required for online students.

Obtain Your Parking Pass

Step 8. Purchase Your Textbooks

Purchase or rent your books at the UAB Bookstore in the Hill Student Center, 1400 University Boulevard, or at  the online bookstore. Here’s how to order online:

  1. Click “Textbooks” at the top of the page.
  2. Select your term, department, course, and section, and then click “Add Course.”
  3. Add all your courses, and then choose “View Textbook List” to find out the textbooks required for your classes.
Order Books Online

Contact the Office of Admissions

Do you have questions? The UAB Office of Undergraduate Admissions is happy to answer them all. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 205-934-8221.

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