Lillie Garrett

Sophomore Chelsea, AL

Chelsea, AL

Genetics and Genomic Sciences



Favorite UAB memory?
SPRING FLING! Something about grabbing flowers in one hand and cotton candy in the other made my time before finals exponentially better.
Describe something new you tried or did at UAB and how it made you feel.
I tried putting up a hammock for the first time at UAB outside of Rast Hall! It created a space for me to study or just relax and block out the business of the city for a moment, and I still go back there when I feel a bit overwhelmed.
Something I am looking forward to at UAB is...
Bridging the gap between helping students decide if UAB is the right fit for them and providing them a source of comfort in their transition into residence halls and around campus

I’m interested in
Delight, Resident Assistant, Honors College
I’m passionate about
Making sure others feel seen, creating welcoming environments, and finding fullness of joy in the Lord
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