Garrett Hendley

Junior Huntsville, AL

Huntsville, AL

Cancer Biology and Multi-Disciplinary Biomedical Sciences
Chemistry and Biology



I chose UAB because...
I chose UAB initially due to its amazing Financial Aid offered to incoming students. But what really sold me on the institution was the one of its kind Cancer Biology program that is not offered anywhere else. I wasn't on campus long before I realized that I wouldn't have wanted to end up anywhere else. (I would like to answer this one)
Favorite UAB tradition?
My Favorite UAB Tradition has to be Blazer Showdown. It's always so much fun to see what dances or skits our organizations can come up with!
Favorite UAB memory?
My favorite UAB memory had to be attending the first game ever at Protective Stadium. The energy and excitement before and during the game was unparalleled.

I’m passionate about
I am passionate about helping others. I feel UAB has given me so opportunities to not only help incoming students, but has prepared me to help others in my career through Medicine and Research.
I’m interested in
Undergraduate Cancer Research, Tutoring at the VMASC, Resident Assistant in Rast Hall, UAB Tennis Club
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