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Devin Sherman

Junior Hoover, Alabama

Hoover, Alabama

Public Health
Spanish and Medical Sociology



Best class you have taken at UAB?
Spanish 102 with the best, Professor Sanchez-Lopez
Describe something new you tried or did at UAB and how it made you feel.
Something new I tried at UAB was applying for this position! I applied just trying to put myself out there and I found a group I already love. I love talking and meeting new people and this has made me feel so wholesome and worthy. TrailBlazers made me feel super involved and proud!
Something I am looking forward to at UAB is...
I am looking forward to the growth I am going to have over the next 3 years! UAB is so diverse and developing and I am really looking forward to see the progress of my friends and all the new organizations. Here, I feel like there are endless opportunities

I’m interested in
Pre-Medicine, Birmingham Blazin Bhangra (BBB), Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED), Club Volleyball
I’m passionate about
Different cultures and foreign languages! also love reading and British literature
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