Claire Frederick

Hometown: Gainesville, GA
Year: Senior
Major: Marketing Management

Get to know Claire

I am passionate about...Being a business student at UAB, finding the best restaurants in Birmingham, and the Blazers!
I am interested in (affiliated student organizations/groups on campus)...USGA, Honors College, Organizations and Resources within the Collat School of Business
I chose UAB because...When I toured UAB, I immediately felt at home on campus and in Birmingham. I wanted to attend a university that not only valued me as my own person, but encouraged me to be myself and I found that here. I've been offered every opportunity that I could have ever wanted from a university here and I am forever glad I chose UAB.
Favorite UAB memory?Football and Basketball games are my favorite events at UAB, and have given me some of my best memories. Anytime that the UAB community has come together to celebrate our school and its students are my favorite memories. (Also Bartow Hotdogs are top tier!)
What does UAB mean to you?UAB is my family. Coming from out-of-state, I was nervous about making friends and finding a community here. This school has brought me a group of people that are supportive, loving, and encourage me to be the best version of myself possible. I know these connections are ones that will last a lifetime.
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