Caroline Nelson

Sophomore Spanish Fort, AL

Spanish Fort, AL

Genetics and Genomic Sciences
Chemistry, German



Biggest college/adult related fear you have overcome at UAB?
I am a very introverted person, so it was a bit difficult for me to be in larger classes where I did not know anyone. Not knowing many people can be very frightening in college. To combat this, I decided to go and randomly sit with two people at breakfast one morning. Since then, they've been in so many of my classes, and are now my good friends -- one even became a Trailblazer with me! Going up to people and putting myself out there was very difficult, but has been so rewarding to do.
Best class you have taken at UAB?
Honors Seminar: Invented Languages! As a stem major I was not expecting to enjoy my humanities based honors seminar as much as I did. The teacher was absolutely amazing and made coming to class each day so fun. I highly recommend everyone to take classes well outside their majors while at UAB!!
What does UAB mean to you?
UAB has truly become my home. This school and these people here mean so much to me. I have met some of my best friends here, and everyone I meet on campus is so loving and supportive, and we push each other to succeed and be our best. UAB has given me so many amazing opportunities that I could not have imagined I would have back in high school, both inside and outside of Trailblazers. Choosing to stay at UAB was the easiest choice I ever made.

I’m passionate about
Making sure that everyone feels loved and cared for, and that no one feels left behind!
I’m interested in
USGA, greek life, honors college, genetics club, undergraduate research
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