Kevin Joseph

Sophomore Brentwood, TN

Brentwood, TN




Best class you have taken at UAB?
Scientific and Technical Communication taught by Dr. Ryan. Such a useful, interesting, and thought-provoking class!
Describe something new you tried or did at UAB and how it made you feel.
The first football game (and one of the few sports games at all) I ever went to in my life was the first game at the new Protective Stadium during my freshman year. Not sure how I felt about the football itself, but the Blazer spirit in the stands was pretty electrifying. I won't ever forgot how hard I was cheering in the last quarter, because my voice was gone for a couple days after that.
What does UAB mean to you?
I chose UAB because I knew that it would be a place that supports me academically, professionally, and personally for the next chapter of my life; I have gotten just that. I can say confidently that I am not the same person I was when I started at UAB because the experiences and people that make UAB special have given me the growth that I was looking for. So, UAB means a home of growth and support to me.

I’m interested in
TrailBlazers, Social Justice Advocacy Council, SafeZone, Undergraduate Research, 1917 Clinic, Lister Hill Center for Health Policy
I’m passionate about
Social justice and its intersections with healthcare, community work, public health, and
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