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Kasey Cameron

Senior Alabaster, AL

Alabaster, AL

Biomedical Sciences



I chose UAB because
UAB offers a tight-knit family that is dedicated to excellence in a manner I have never seen before. Everybody here wants you to succeed and excel at the next level. The focus UAB puts on creating an environment that allows us as students to be so diverse yet feel like we are all united as a blazer family is why I chose UAB.
Favorite thing to do in Birmingham
Go to the Summit. Good food. Good shopping. Easy choice.
Something I’m looking forward to at UAB
Continuing to grow as a person and as a future health-care professional. I am excited to continue my education and continue to connect with my peers and develop relationships that last far beyond May 2023.

I’m passionate about
My family, faith, and anything pertaining to people. I love being around and connecting with people.
I’m interested in
TrailBlazers&Honors College&BMD program
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Undergraduate Admissions