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John Ellis Kuykendall

Senior Tuscaloosa, AL

Tuscaloosa, AL

Chemistry and Business Administration



Favorite UAB tradition
The Homecoming parade. I love seeing everyone so excited and just having a good time.
Favorite UAB memory
The very first time I climbed to the top of the bridge in front of Collat. That was when I knew UAB was where I wanted to be.
Biggest college/adult-related fear I’ve overcome at UAB
I was super nervous about not knowing what to major in. I knew I was on the pre-medicine track, but I had no idea what to study. I ended up realizing I had time to figure it out, and it would be OK.

I’m passionate about
Helping people become the best version of themselves they can be. My biggest goal is to always be helpful and to become the president of the United States one day.
I’m interested in
Lots of things on campus. One organization I love to work with is the Honors College, where I serve as an ambassador.
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