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Abhi Kamath

Senior Hoover, AL

Hoover, AL




I chose UAB because
This is the college where I would learn and grow into the best individual I can be. Birmingham is the city I grew up in. My parents have always worked in Birmingham, and as a child, I would always go to downtown or UAB for summer camps. In high school, I spent every summer at UAB doing research or volunteering, and I witnessed all the accomplishments, the change, and advancements UAB made. I knew that UAB was the college where I would have the brightest future and have the resources and help to accomplish my goals as a person and as a student. The culmination of growth, diversity and inclusion, genuine mentorship, and truly unique opportunities presented by UAB makes this campus truly unparalleled in student possibilities compared to any other school I visited.
Favorite UAB tradition
Homecoming week. The week started off with the Blazer Showdown, where I got to watch all my friends dance in a competition. The next day they brought out one of my favorite comedians, Trevor Wallace, to do a stand-up show, and I got to meet him! The Gurney Derby is a UAB classic that I think everyone has to see or take part in to really understand how intense it is. Then I got the chance to march in the parade and see everyone at UAB, from staff to researchers to graduate students. And to end the week, of course we had the tailgate and football game. It is by far the most fun week of the year.
Biggest college/adult-related fear I’ve overcome at UAB
One of my biggest fears was how I was going to get involved in organizations in college. At first, I felt this rush to join everything as soon as possible, but my advisors helped put everything into perspective for me. They laid out what my four years at UAB would look like and showed me just how much time I would have to discover my true interests before joining different organizations. They also showed me how a lot of the bigger organizations on campus open up applications in the spring semester rather than in the fall. Because of their help, I spent most of the first semester really enjoying college, making friends and having fun, and discovering my true passions and the best organizations to fulfill those passions (which I eventually joined in the spring). With the help of my advisors, I feel like I made the most out of my freshman year without missing out on campus involvement.

I’m passionate about
I’m interested in
Early Medical School Acceptance Program&Science and Technology Honors Program&Senator for the Undergraduate Student Government Association&Neurobiology Research
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